2 X Smoke Detectors Fire Alarm Lifesaver Ionisation Batteries Included


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Overview :

  • Smoke alarms blow their alarm horn when they detect smoke. Everything preventing the smoke from reaching the alarm obstructs an early alarm. A single smoke detector provides only limited security. Fire in another room will only be detected after smoke reaches the alarm.

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Features :

  • Excellent stability
  • High sensitivity
  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Battery Operation
  • Signal Lamp(LED)
  • Fully automatic test function
  • Battery warning function
  • Control Button
  • Noisy (85 dBA) piezoelectric warning sound
  • 9 Volt battery (included)
  • Designed for the fastest possible installation

Package Include :

  • 2 x Smoke Detector
  • 2 x Battery
  • 4 x Screws

Note : No retail package to save the cost and protect environment.


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